Our integrated solution

Embedded clinical teams

Our embedded clinical team combines a range of professional skills that support your practice. A prescribing pharmacist tackles prescription services, while coordination nurses streamline the various facets of care delivery. Off-site teams provide 24/7 support to you and your patients.

Intelligent technology

UpStream’s advanced technology platform enables health data from electronic health records, payor claims, and patient engagements with care team members to be integrated and analyzed using proprietary AI models. It identifies patients with the most impactable risk and supports the care teams with sophisticated clinical workflows and key insights that drive positive outcomes.

Advanced payments

UpStream's Guaranteed Advanced Payments for Quality (G.A.P.-Q.™) is a proven solution for physicians. It delivers better outcomes for both you and your patients, and recognizes the value you bring to primary health care, guaranteed.

UpStream has become an integral part of my care team; they are genuinely invested in the success of my practice.

Dr Zack Hall Zack Hall, MD PLLC — Physician

The benefits of our Program

Professional satisfaction

Delivering enhanced patient outcomes and being included in an extended network of professional peers has a proven impact on professional satisfaction.

Increased profitability

CPT-based reimbursement significantly exceeds the UpStream service costs, and G.A.P.-Q.™ provides predictable income streams, in advance.

Increased productivity

The collaboration of our embedded clinical pharmacist and coordinating registered nurse empower your practice to do more.

24/7 care support

Our care support teams ensure that your patients have a point of contact whenever they need it.

Greater control

The UpStream program puts primary care physicians in control of their practice, freeing them up to focus on their patients.

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