The UpStream story

UpStream was founded by Fergus Hoban in 2018 with the bold ambition to eliminate the burden of avoidable suffering through advanced primary care. He recognized the challenge for primary care physicians who know what is required but are often under-resourced within their practices and overwhelmed by the administrative, regulatory, and resourcing demands placed on them.

<p><strong>Fergus Hoban</strong><br>Founder of UpStream</p>

Fergus Hoban
Founder of UpStream

Guided by this founding ambition UpStream has grown and evolved, bringing together nationally recognized leaders to develop further the clinical, technological, financial and policy expertise needed to deliver a comprehensive, whole person healthcare solution. Our innovative approach has been proven to reduce the immense burden primary care physicians face while enhancing the benefits to them, their practice, and, most importantly, their patients. Simply put, we restore the physician-patient relationship.

There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling the people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Supporting the true value of primary care physicians

Through a combination of in-practice teams and remote support, the UpStream Program empowers physicians to focus on what they and their patients value most. This in-person clinical support is amplified by our intelligent technology platform that integrates with all physician EMRs and provides an elegant workflow for all care coordination activities. Finally we have developed Guaranteed Advanced Payments for Quality (G.A.P.-Q.™), a program that recognises and guarantees the value of physicians seeking to practice value-based care. This integrated solution has proven to be highly effective at delivering better outcomes for both patients and physicians.

Our values


We believe that good health is a state of independence, where each person has the capacity to live a long, happy and active life on their own terms. Health is the freedom for people to be themselves and to have control over their own life.


We believe that everyone should enjoy the services and benefits that we offer and we work relentlessly to remove barriers such as cost or location that may traditionally exclude people from quality services.


We believe that there are new and better ways to deliver effective, efficient and sustainable services that support long, happy and independent lives. Only by innovating can we deliver for the many and not just the few.

A dynamic and
caring culture

UpStream team members bring a wide range of experiences, interests, beliefs and achievements to their work, and are united by a passion for public health.

It’s time to empower
your practice

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