Why work at UpStream

Collaborative culture

The evolving nature of our business promotes an open, supportive and collaborative culture. Team members share a common ambition, and all contribute to the success of a business whose purpose is essential and enduring.

Real impact

Everyone at UpStream has a role to play in delivering better outcomes for physicians and patients. Our approach allows for each team member to have a real and tangible impact on the lives of people they work for and with.

Personal growth

UpStream offers each team member opportunities for both personal and professional growth, through a combination of hands-on experience and interactions with expert colleagues.

As Senior Practice Team Manager at UpStream, I'm proud to lead a team that's always there for our patients when they need us the most. Through our healthcare concierge services, we play a pivotal role in enhancing the well-being of our community.

Ivey Green Practice Team Manager

Areas of expertise

In-practice clinicans

Our clinical team includes pharmacists and care coordination nurses working in a multidisciplinary manner to effectively deliver our Program to physicians and patients.

Care support

Our care support team plays a vital role in caring for patients and empowering physicians. Roles include dispensing pharmacists, healthcare concierges, and home-delivery and practice management.

Business & technology

Our business teams span a wide range of skillsets, including information technology, business analytics, healthcare policy and practice finance, to ensure the smooth running of our Program within a practice.

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