Our Values

We value the strength of ‘Me’ and ‘We’.

We champion both individuality and teamwork.
We appreciate our individual strengths and perspectives, and we work together, leveraging our diversity for collective success.

It is through the synergy of ‘me’ and ‘we’ that we deliver exceptional care, creating an environment where individual growth thrives alongside collective success.

We value the union of Head & Heart.

We bring together kindness and expertise, taking the time to understand each other and our patients, using what we learn to deliver better outcomes.

The union of head and heart enables us to deliver not just highly-effective care, but care that is imbued with genuine understanding and compassion.

We value consistency as we navigate change.

We work to balance flexibility and consistency, recognizing the importance of both agility and reliability.

It is through this harmonious interplay of flexibility and consistency that we foster a culture of innovation while ensuring unwavering trust and peace of mind for our partners and patients.

We’ve Got You Covered

UpStream offers high-quality, competitive
benefits with a variety of options to ensure
our employees are taken care of.

Medical & Prescription Coverage

We offer a PPO and high deductible plans with FSA and HSA options along with comprehensive prescription coverage. Medical benefits are effective the first of the month following start date.

Dental & Vision Plans

The Dental and Vision Plans offer in-network advantages for everything from routine check-ups to complex procedures, ensuring comprehensive care.

Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

Employees receive a $50,000 group term life and AD&D policy at no cost, with optional additional coverage for themselves and their dependents.

Disability Plans

UpStream's disability offerings include employer-paid short-term and employee-paid long-term plans, providing income protection for various disability durations.

Retirement Planning

We support you as you plan for your future. We offer Traditional and Roth options and immediately match and vest contributions to our 401k plan.


Our WorkLifeMatters Employee Assistance Program offers a variety of services to promote well-being and enhance quality of life for employees and their families, including a range of health, family and financial needs.

Everybody works together at UpStream. You can be African American, mixed culture, LGBTQ, etc. everybody is treated equally. Diversity is one of the reasons that I have been with UpStream for so long. We are family and that's again one of the reasons I will stay.

Shontae Stokes Concierge Team Lead

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