Our integrated solution

Personalized care plan
Better health outcomes

Our personalized care plan involves a complete review of all aspects of each qualifying patient's healthcare needs. Our multidisciplinary team then consolidates this information to produce a tailored solution that improves the patient's health outcomes.

24/7 support
Reduced burden on caregivers

The Program assigns a dedicated Healthcare Concierge to each patient. This individual and their support team offer a 24/7 point of contact and support to ensure that each patient has what they need to live independent and healthy lives.

Pouch dispensing
Greater convenience and compliance

Patients can avail of our Pharmacy Dispensing Service, which includes pouch dispensing. This makes it easier for patients to adhere to their prescriptions, improving outcomes and keeping them upstream.

Patient satisfaction
Enhanced physician relationship

Each practice has a dedicated Clinical Pharmacist working in tandem with the physician to monitor the most effective pharmaceutical care program for each patient. This restores the physician-patient relationship and increases patient satisfaction.

Reduced co-payments
Cutting through paperwork

Patients may qualify for reduced out-of-pocket costs. By removing cost and additional administration time as a barrier, patients have a greater opportunity to maintain better health and avoid negative cascades-of-care that result in worse outcomes.

If you’re a patient and interested in the UpStream Program, talk to your physician.

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