Investing in
better outcomes
for everyone

Our Integrated Services Solution offers a comprehensive suite of services to empower physicians to achieve better outcomes for themselves, their practices and their patients.

Risk Management & Revenue Cycle Services
UpStream takes 100% MLR risk on all covered lives and pays GAP-Q™ monthly incentives to physicians based on quality during the performance year.
Practice Management & Development Services
UpStream’s MSO provides free services to client physicians to enhance productivity and streamline costs in areas such as billing and scheduling.
Administrative Support Services
UpStream provides concierge services to all Medicare patients of each practice, including 24/7/365 contact center and consistent follow-up
Embedded Professional Services
UpStream physically embeds pharmacists, nurses and other clinical staff in each physician office to provide in-person services for all Medicare patients
Information & Data Science Services
UpStream provides a state-of-the art digital platform that integrates with all EMRs, and is fully supported by analytical and data science services.

UpStream’s Integrated
Services Solution

GAP-Q™ offers guaranteed advance payments for quality during each performance year, rather than after the performance year has ended. This simple payment structure increases practice income while providing the financial stability to allow these practices to continue to invest in the future of value-based care.

INTEGRATIng with us

GAP-Q™ guarantees advanced payments for physicians using our Integrated Services Solution to deliver better outcomes for their patients.

Benefits for physicians

Increased professional satisfaction through enhanced outcomes for patients and inclusion in extended network.

Increased direct practice profitability, as the CPT-based reimbursement significantly exceeds the UpStream service costs.

Significantly increased practice productivity and profitability, due to the clinical pharmacist in the team.

Enhanced CMS star rating for your practice, achieving 4.5+ stars on most measures within 6 months.

Benefits for patients

Increased satisfaction and improved health.

Reduced hospital admissions.

Zero copayment for most patients.

Reduced burden and stress for informal caregivers.

Integrating our services into your practice is a simple two-stage process. Firstly, we will work with you and your colleagues to help you understand the benefits to your practice; and secondly, we will onboard those patients who might best benefit from this integrated service. The process from initial engagement with us to commencing the service in your practice is typically completed within 60—90 days.

INTEGRATIng with us

Be up and running in less than 90 days.

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